Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson....The Man In The Mirror

The death of Michael Jackson has impacted the emotions of millions of people from around the world. Even though Michael Jackson passed away on Thursday, June 25th....I am still in somewhat disbelief that this talented young man is actually deceased. I can vividly remember where I was when I found out and my reaction as I was being told of his "untimely" death. It was approximately 6:00 pm and I was at a furniture store walking around. As I was walking through the store, I saw this television that was broadcasting Madonna's newest video. The salesman walked up to me and asked me if I wanted to purchase the group of furniture that was in the vicinity of the television , I told him "no, thank you" and that I was just viewing Madonnas' video. He then proceeded to tell me that Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson had died. I then asked him, " What do you mean that Michael Jackson is dead "? He then repeated himself again...the next thing that I said to him was.."No, Michael Jackson isn't dead ". At that moment I didn't want to look at anymore furniture and I quietly walked out. I am pretty sure that you remember where you were and your initial reaction when you first heard about his death. Michael impacted millions of people all around the world for over 40 plus years with his music, legendary dance moves and his giving heart. Michael Jackson was and still is one the greatest musical legends in modern day history, I can't think of anyone that has made such a major impact in my lifetime. No offense to Elvis, because Elvis had a major impact as well. Michael Jackson gave us his talent for a much longer time and his music transcended race, genre, religion. He gave us rock and roll..soul..pop...ball room dancing...modern dance...ballet...hip hop...theatrics...cinematography....peace...happiness..sadness...humbleness and love in his music. He gave so much of himself and allowed us all to take part in his gift to the world. It has been said, that Michael was a perfectionist, and would practice for many hours day in and day
out. But we have also heard it been said that Michael was a lonely man. Do you remember the song, "The Man In The Mirror"?I wonder how many times Michael probably starred in front of the mirror and noticed the hurt and loneliness that he probably felt at times. Have you ever just sat in a room alone and just starred into a mirror for approximately a minute. If you look long enough your true inner feelings will reveal itself in your facial expressions, whether it is happiness or sadness. Sometimes you can give and give so much, that your physical and emotional body is just tired and just want to rest. Of course we all have the capability of greatness. But as with anything that we strive for in life there will be mounting pressures from
all angles whether it is good or bad. And with many as the old saying goes, "It get's lonely being at the top ". So the next time "you"look in the mirror...ask yourself do you need to "change your ways" and remember that as long as you have faith and belief in the creator that you will never
be alone. Mr. Michael Jackson, thank you for your gift and now you are able to peace!