Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Media ....Let The President Do His Job

Mainstream media....Why Now? I have never in my entire life seen a president go through so much media scrutiny. President Obama has just been in office for only thirty days and the media ( majority of them ) are just having a field day, with every move this president makes. I wouldn't care if the president was a republican...this is just pathetic. Okay, now I will take a deep breath and get back to what is fact and what is perception. Every single day there are media outlets that have dedicated hours scrutinizing the president, even to the stupid point of, " Who will be able to text the president on his blackberry. This isn't media worthy. Then you see these polls and surveys being conducted weekly on the performance of the president. Daily discussions on the different media outlets about the negatives and a little about the positives of the "stimulus package" or the "spending package", just depends on how you want to spin it. Bottom line, the government has always spent money. I wonder what people thought when social security was first administered and so shortly after the depression. President Obama has enough on his desk, this man has the United States of America and the whole world to think about. It amazes me when I hear the different media outlets talk about the "liberal media". Ask any sensible minded person, if they think that the media is being "Fair and Balanced. Speaking of "Fair and Balanced", you may want to read the first post that was published July 2008. President Obama incurred an economical fiasco, he didn't create this, so stop trying to make him pay for something he didn't create. Where was all of this media scrutiny when we started wasting money after we had just come out from a presidency where there was a "surplus". For many years, the media never questioned every dollar and cent that was being spent or wasted. The only other president that was scrutinized often, but definitely not as much was, President Clinton, remember the president, who left us with the "surplus". We didn't hear about the the first round of TARP money that was distributed under the former president's administration on a daily basis. I still don't know how that money was distributed, in fact I know so much about what this president is doing more than any other president's of the past. Personally, I am going to stay focused and positive, and start looking at more family oriented programming. but I would like to send this request to mainstream media.... Dear Mr. and Mrs. Media....Could you please be the bearer of good news, I am pretty sure with as many people we have living in this country, there has to be great and wonderful things happening to someone each and every hour, it would make us all feel so much better. I hope this isn't asking to much of you....Mr. and Mrs. Media, thank you and have a blessed and wonderful day.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

America Are We Facing Another "Great Depression"

Have you heard the news lately? We are in a "Recession", according to some leading economists. I know these highly educated, well written individuals have studied the numbers and have studied the history of how the economic stability of this country has been affected by several key indicators, which in turn allow them to base their "scholarly conclusions". I truly believe that we are already in a "Depression". We just haven't heard the media and the economists say that we are. But I guarantee you that once you hear that dreaded word, then people will begin to say, " We are in a depression". Think about it, politicians are saying that we need to do something immediately as it relates to a "stimulus plan". When I hear the word immediate, that sounds like, if you don't do anything quickly then it is an automatic eminent catastrophe. Ask anyone who has lost their job and home if they think that they are in a "depression" and most likely they will not say, that this is just a minor setback. Anyone that is facing a financial crisis is emotionally depressed. So, I guess the millions of people that are without employment is in a depression. What does it take for economists to say that we are in a depression ? What are the key indicators for which they base their findings? When you hear about the "Great Depression", you often hear about the soup lines, people pawning anything to make an extra dollar, suicides, bankruptcies, foreclosures and more. If, I am not mistaken we have already heard those stories lately. Americans that have lost their jobs, homes and any other financial investments are in a depression, and those that are still employed and don't know the future of their employment and financial situation is in a recession. Another factor to take into consideration, this country is facing a global war on terrorism, global economic crisis and more. The "Great Depression" was quite different, read your history. If you really want to see the state of employment and economy in this country, click on to the U.S. Department of Labor-Bureau of Labor Statistics . Oh, but there is a silver lining in all of this, it is called entrepreneurship and becoming more self sufficient and more responsible in how we spend, invest and save our finances. Haven't we always been told that you can't always depend on someone else to fix "your problems". Whether we are in a depression or a recession, don't allow your self to be overwhelmed in self pity as it relates to your financial situation. Start today and think about how you are going to be the winner at the final end of all of the old saying goes, "This too shall pass".

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Corporate America In Need Of Governement Assistance

August 26, 1996...President Bill Clinton signed the "Welfare Reform Bill", that ended a guarantee on federal aide. The measure imposed a five year limit on benefits, which required individuals that were able to work to find employment. President Clinton's idea was to overhaul the federal welfare system as we knew it. Many titles were given to individuals that were receiving welfare in the past, such as "Welfare Queens ". You also had those individuals that would constantly make racial or insensitive comments anytime they saw or heard anything that related to welfare and who it affected. Does this sound familiar, " I don't like it that my tax paying dollars are taking care of someone that is sitting at home, having all of these children and won't work. "Where are the fathers"? "If I can get out and work, so can they"! Well, guess what......while everyone is watching the " little man", corporations have been receiving government assistance for just as long as these welfare recipients. Under President Clinton's "Welfare Reform Bill", many former welfare recipients were looking for employment and many of these people had a hard time trying to find something that would give them hope. Back then $7.00 an hour on a job was great for those individuals, they accepted it and tried to hold their head up. Have you ever actually spoken with someone that was caught up in the welfare system. I knew of an older married couple and their two children in the early 1980's that was spending over $400.00 a month to live in the housing projects. I asked one day, why were they paying so much for rent , they told me the reason being was that both of their incomes equated to them paying higher rent. Then my next question was, "Why don't you'll try to move into an apartment?" They stated,"Because we don't make enough to qualify for an apartment". All I could do was shake my head in disbelief. In the meantime companies have been receiving government grants and all types of federal funding. This corporate bailout isn't anything new. Think about it, even the private educational institutions receive some type of federal assistance, many major companies that move into a city or state receive some type of "stimulus package". Companies are given incentives all the time. It appears that some of these companies have their hands out too! Why do you think corporate america have lobbyists? On a positive note, if it wasn't for a lot of these companies, a lot of people would not be employed. Corporate America has been great for millions of Americans. September 2008, President Bush signed a bill to release $350 billion (TARP) to help failing companies. I agree, if we had not tried to help these companies, more people would have been standing in the unemployment line. Just the same way that many individuals abused the welfare system, their has also been many companies that have abused not only the tax payers dollars, but also the shareholders and employees of those companies. When Enron failed, we should have been taking a closer look at how companies were being managed or mismanaged. Just like many individuals had to get out and be responsible under President Clinton's " Welfare Reform Bill". Maybe our government should pass the "Corporate Welfare Reform Bill" !

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Do You Have A "Stimulus Package"..What About Your Future

Okay, the House passed the President's $819 billion stimulus plan, with no Republican support. We have heard from the Republican party as well as some Democrats that their is a lot of "pork" in this stimulus package to jump start the economy. The bill sounds and looks impressive until, I had a chance to review the "Housing Area". The question I want to know is why isn't there more. Why don't we take about a couple of million out of each of these areas and help the homebuyers that are in distress now. If I am not mistaken, the housing market was a "cancer" that spreaded to other areas. This economy is in shambles. It appears that the every day American really don't know if they will have a job, keep their home or small business, family or be able to afford health care. Ask yourself this you feel secure in your job? Do you think that your small business will be able to succeed in another year? Statistics have proven that a lot of businesses fail within the three to five year period during a start up. Honestly, we truly can not blame the government totally for our problems. So many people are so quick to blame the government for everything. The government are individuals just like we are. They have wasted money and so have we. How many times have you heard the expression " Buying steaks with hamburger money". The problem is that we as Americans waste too much money on things we don't need. Example, you are late on your bill, but you would rather buy a carton of cigarettes than to pay your bill. Many years ago I read a book talking about how little Americans save. We are so focused on appearing as if we "have it all" and many of us hardly have $100.00 in our savings or checking account. If you talk to someone who has been through the depression, you can learn a lot from them. Do you see them being as worried. It is a sad day, during these times that we are living from paycheck to paycheck. Now we hear about consumer confidence is low. Consumers aren't buying enough to keep the economy going. What has happened that we have been so "happy go lucky" in our spending for such a long time Retailers and other businesses have depended on our spending habits. True, there has been a lot of corporate greed And let's not talk about how the government has spent the tax payers dollars. The bottom line, many hard working Americans didn't ask for these economic times. Suggestion....Start saving more if you can. Pay close attention to what bills are being passed. Be more responsible in your future and last but not least create your own "Stimulus Package".