Sunday, September 20, 2009

President Carter Talks About Racism Against President Obama

Last week President Carter said that alot of white americans are against President Obama, because he is black and that these same individuals don't feel that a black man is qualified to lead this great country. Unfortunately, he is right. I have viewed the different news media outlets regarding their take on President Carters comments and you have a lot of conservatives that have literally stated that President Carter was wrong for doing this. Every since President Obama has been in office, they have reported everything and anything about this president which has nothing to do with his policies and how it affects everyday americans. Example....a photo of President Obama feet on his desk, President Obama and his Blackberry, Michelle Obama wearing shorts, President Obama speaking at a school and more. This is totally ridiculous! No other president in my lifetime has endured this much scrutiny as President Obama. Other Presidents of the past have visited schools and you didn't hear about the all the negative attacks and media coverage that lasted for over a week. Every since President Obama has been elected President of the United States of America, I have gone to different major websites, blogs and viewed some of the comments that have been made against President Obama. I literally couldn't believe it....people would make comments that had nothing to do with an was just blatant racism....using the "N" word was mild compared to what I have read. Words that I have never thought of in my life against anyone. If you don't believe what I am telling you.....check it out for yourself. It is really scary to know that you have ignorant and stupid people that are so ignorant and stupid. Over the past six months I have spoken to many whites and blacks regarding racism and this president. Overwhelmingly the black americans feel that a lot of this negativity is racially motivated. The white americans I discussed this with have said the same thing....but the white americans feel that a lot of this racist attitude is coming from wealthy white americans. I personally believe that this is coming from the low to the upper class in this country. We all know that racism exists and it always will. We as a country can not and should not tolerate racism in this country to the degree that it hinders our great nation from progression. How can we become a greater nation if we are so ignorant and stupid to base our feelings about someone because of the color of their skin? We should all be focusing on coming together as a nation and treating another human being the same way we would want to be treated. We all have a whole lot more to contend with that is more important such as health care, education, economy and so much more. United We Stand, Divided We Fall. So tell me..which is more important? Trying to better our lives or being a racist. Don't forget this is America...not White or Black America. As President Obama would say....God Bless You and God Bless America!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Michael Vick A Changed Man

Former Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick will have a chance to get back in the "game" with his new team, Philadelphia Eagles. I had the chance to watch the "60 MINUTE" interview with JB that aired on CBS tonight. First of all, I have to say that JB did a great job interviewing Michael Vick. JB definitely didn't "leave any stone unturned" and Michael Vick handled the questioning that was hurled at him. I learned a lot more about Michael Vick, the person and the athlete. For the past several months we have all heard comments made such as he should never play football again and other attacks made against him. I will be the first to say that cruelty to animals shouldn't be tolerated and a person that does those types of atrocious acts should be punished. But the year 2007 wasn't the first time that professional dog fighting has been going on and Michael Vick wasn't and isn't the first person to be involved in this type of activity. According to Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society there are 40,000 reported professional dog fighters and 100,000 street fighters in the United States. This type of activity runs across all racial lines and economic status. Michael Vick just happened to be the "poster bad boy". As I listened to the interview, one thing that struck me was that he first came in contact with dog fighting when he was a "young child" in Virginia. It appeared to be a neighborhood activity that included some of his childhood friends. Some of the same friends that followed him throughout his career. The same so called friends that he tried to help by bankrolling this illegal and inhumane business. If they were any type of friends they wouldn't have been part of this and they wouldn't have jeopardized their friend , Michael Vick's career. If Michael Vick was any kind of friend then he should have been the better man and said, "Look, man this is wrong ". Which brings me to another activity that the Humane Society should talk about and that is "Cock Fighting". Will it take a celebrity before attention is brought to that issue. Cock Fighting has been around for many years and it has been televised as it relates to the horrors of that inhumane business. Everyday people who go to work everyday are involved in dog fighting and cock fighting, but have any of them lost their jobs or been made a public nationwide spectacle like Michael Vick? I think Michael Vick was truly sincere with JB on "60 MINUTES" tonight. Only time will tell and hopefully he will continue his life learning experience. As Michael Vick basically stated, we all know the difference between what is right and what is wrong, that he has learned from his mistakes and that he is very sorry. He also spoke about his priorities in life. If Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society, Tony Dungy, former NFL coach and mentor along with the Philadelphia Eagles among others willing to give him a chance, why can't we. For all of us that are religious remember the bible verse that states, "He without sin, cast the first stone". But remember the greatest fear that we all should have when we do wrong is the judgement from our creator and not from man!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Warning! Read The Label On Your Prescription Medications

Sad to say, Michael Jackson's death has prompted a lot of questions about the type of medications that we are taking on a daily basis. How many times have you heard someone say to you that they know someone that is taking at least 10 different "prescribed" medications per day? Before my uncle passed away last year, I remember him telling me that he was taking at least 40 pills per day. I couldn't believe it! Could someone tell me how in the world can someone take so much medication and expect to get better. Anyone taking that much medication is a " walking pharmacy". Okay, you have the pharmaceutical companies that produce thousands of different medications that are supposedly be able to treat the problem , who in turn market these medications to the physicians and also to the pharmacists. First of all, I am not saying that the pharmaceutical companies are doing anything wrong. I am just saying that your physician is the one that prescribes the medications that he or she feel may be of benefit to you. Let me give you a brief scenario.....Have you ever been to a physician and was told that you had one ailment and then you decided to get a second opinion only to find out that it was something totally different. What if you didn't get a second opinion and you were taking the "prescribed " medications for an ailment that didn't exist. I wonder how many people are taking medications that they may not need. I am not a physician of course, nor am I a pharmacist or a representative for a pharmaceutical company. But I do believe that all parties involved including ourselves have a responsibility in making sure that we all do what is right for our well being. Of course it is believed that Michael Jackson died from prescription medication. But what health care provider in his or her right mind, would practice unethical procedures to put someone to sleep. There are many alternatives to treat sleep deprivation. Suggestion to everyone that take any form of prescription to your your pharmacists...tell them about all of the medications that has been prescribed for you to take...find about any side effects of the medications...or do some research yourself via the internet. Take responsibility for your health..... read the label and ask questions. An ounce of prevention could save your life!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson....The Man In The Mirror

The death of Michael Jackson has impacted the emotions of millions of people from around the world. Even though Michael Jackson passed away on Thursday, June 25th....I am still in somewhat disbelief that this talented young man is actually deceased. I can vividly remember where I was when I found out and my reaction as I was being told of his "untimely" death. It was approximately 6:00 pm and I was at a furniture store walking around. As I was walking through the store, I saw this television that was broadcasting Madonna's newest video. The salesman walked up to me and asked me if I wanted to purchase the group of furniture that was in the vicinity of the television , I told him "no, thank you" and that I was just viewing Madonnas' video. He then proceeded to tell me that Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson had died. I then asked him, " What do you mean that Michael Jackson is dead "? He then repeated himself again...the next thing that I said to him was.."No, Michael Jackson isn't dead ". At that moment I didn't want to look at anymore furniture and I quietly walked out. I am pretty sure that you remember where you were and your initial reaction when you first heard about his death. Michael impacted millions of people all around the world for over 40 plus years with his music, legendary dance moves and his giving heart. Michael Jackson was and still is one the greatest musical legends in modern day history, I can't think of anyone that has made such a major impact in my lifetime. No offense to Elvis, because Elvis had a major impact as well. Michael Jackson gave us his talent for a much longer time and his music transcended race, genre, religion. He gave us rock and roll..soul..pop...ball room dancing...modern dance...ballet...hip hop...theatrics...cinematography....peace...happiness..sadness...humbleness and love in his music. He gave so much of himself and allowed us all to take part in his gift to the world. It has been said, that Michael was a perfectionist, and would practice for many hours day in and day
out. But we have also heard it been said that Michael was a lonely man. Do you remember the song, "The Man In The Mirror"?I wonder how many times Michael probably starred in front of the mirror and noticed the hurt and loneliness that he probably felt at times. Have you ever just sat in a room alone and just starred into a mirror for approximately a minute. If you look long enough your true inner feelings will reveal itself in your facial expressions, whether it is happiness or sadness. Sometimes you can give and give so much, that your physical and emotional body is just tired and just want to rest. Of course we all have the capability of greatness. But as with anything that we strive for in life there will be mounting pressures from
all angles whether it is good or bad. And with many as the old saying goes, "It get's lonely being at the top ". So the next time "you"look in the mirror...ask yourself do you need to "change your ways" and remember that as long as you have faith and belief in the creator that you will never
be alone. Mr. Michael Jackson, thank you for your gift and now you are able to peace!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Americans That Are Wrongly Being Forced Into Foreclosure

What you are about to read wasn't only shocking but appalling. Many everyday americans are being told that their home is either in a loan status default, preforeclosure or foreclosure status. We hear day in and day out the number of homes that are being reported to be going through foreclosure is increasing. What if I told you that those increasing foreclosure numbers could be possibly incorrect. Prime example....I know a couple that has been in their home for approximately eighteen months. This couple was informed that they were several months behind on their mortgage, due to unforeseen circumstances (job loss and wages) the couple constantly spoke with the bank about their circumstance. The couple was told that they were in a loan default status and that they were four months behind and foreclosure process was about to begin. The bank advised them to send in one payment and to send it via Western Union by the end of the month. This young couple told the representative that they would try and get the payment in by the end of the month, by the end of the month the young couple went to Western Union made the one payment that was requested of them...called the bank...spoke to the loan default counselor and gave the loan counselor the receipt code. Guess what, the loan counselor then proceeded to tell the couple that they were still four months behind and that they should have sent in two payments instead of one. The young couple wasn't only frustrated but distraught. They proceeded to ask the loan counselor how did the bank come up with them being four months behind and why were they told by another counselor that they could send in one payment. The loan counselor proceeded to tell them that they didn't show any documentation that they had spoken with a loan counselor the day the couple was being told to send the payment via Western Union. The couple then told the loan counselor who requested the extra payment, that they knew for a fact that they weren't four months behind and it wasn't their fault that the representative didn't document in their system that they had spoken with the couple. The couple then questioned the representative on the apparent discrepancies. Fortunately the couple went to their online banking and found out that "this bank" had received sixteen payment not including the Western Union payment for a total of seventeen payments that had been made. In reality this couple only owe for the month of May. When the couple found out they were very happy but also frustrated because of what all they have gone through. Once they found out that they shouldn't have been put in that foreclosure status they immediately called back the following day and requested to speak with a a supervisor who in return tried to state their case that the couple is four months behind...which infuriated the couple again...then the couple told "this bank", that they have positive proof and that they have bank documentation showing "this bank" was paid. The representative told them to fax over the information and they would have to review with management, but they would still have to make another payment. The couple then advised "this bank" that they were not late and in fact their payment isn't considered late until after the 15th of the month. The couple went to their personal bank to verify their findings which came out to be true. The couples' bank was able to print the findings and the couple has faxed over the information to "this bank". I am pretty sure that this couple will file a complaint with the BBB, contact their congressman and any and everybody else that will listen...including me! So now, I have to have ask the many americans are being forced out of their homes legitimately, what if they just go along with what someone is telling them because they are so depressed about their situation that they don't realize that their may be a glimmer of hope which is actually and rightfully so in their favor. How many of these so called banks, mortgage companies and other predatory lenders are reporting inaccurate numbers to the government so that they can show on their books that they are facing a tough time but in reality and in actuality they are making extra money on these individuals, which in turn allows them to justify receiving "government bailout money". Get the picture....maybe it isn't such a bad idea for the american taxpayers to be shareholders of some of these companies as long as we can reap the dividends. But on the flip side, once the government actually do a full investigation of this type of travesty it may not be so good for these type of companies. Interesting, if I know of one couple this has happened to, I wonder how many other people are facing this type of situation.......Can You Say Bank Fraud!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Women Stop Abusing Yourself...Learn To Love Yourself

It is really sad to see the number of women that have fallen prey to abusive relationships, whether it is physical or emotional. I received an email from a young lady the other day, asking me to talk about this subject. I replied back and told her that I would. Without getting into a lot of the details about the email, I will tell you a little about what she has been going through. This young lady is in her early 30's and has a successful career. She was married for a brief time due only to the fact that she was in a physically abusive relationship. She stated that when she met her husband he was the kindest man you could ever be around. He was caring and supportive, always motivating her to be the best that she could be. He would send her roses on Valentine's Day, birthday or whenever. Then one day, she started noticing a change in his attitude. At first she thought maybe he was going through a stressful time on his job. Then he started to come home later than usual and then it proceeded to staying out until two and sometime three in the morning. Her second thought was maybe he was having an affair. She said after she had taken as much as she could take, she decided to ask him if he was having an affair. When she asked him, he told her that he wasn't and that he just had a lot on his mind. When she tried to talk to him about what was going on he then told her that what he was going through was his business and it wasn't anything that she could do about it. Well as the story went on he didn't change in fact it got worse. He would belittle her, playing the mind games and on and on, to the point that he became physically abusive. The problem for her was that she was still mentally stuck on the man that appeared to be the caring, loving and supportive man that she married. She began to blame herself, trying to always analyze which personality would present itself on a daily basis. Luckily, she finally sought help and start believing that there is a way out of this see saw of a marriage. Fortunate for her, but unfortunate for a lot of women that are killed daily only because they didn't love themselves enough. Women, if you are in a relationship that you are being abused...please learn to love yourself. Because if your husband or companion really loves you he wouldn't ever want to hurt you. He would still be the loving and respectful man that he should be. Always remember....Love isn't physically or emotionally abusive and it doesn't hurt.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Is President Obama Doing Too Much...Too Fast...Not Really!

Wow, the critics are at it again! The media and the politicians are now stating that President Obama is doing too much during his first 100 days. The skeptics believe that President Obama should just focus on one thing at a time and not try to make a lot of key decisions at this present moment. At first, I must say that I did think the President was moving on too many key issues a little too fast. Then I started to really think about what this president was up against. I also had a pretty "comical" view of the situation and also a realistic opinion of how and why this president was "moving at the speed of lightning". So let's begin with the comical view. First of all the president is a highly intelligent young man, who understands constitutional law, walks around with a blackberry, plays basketball and is able to multi-task as was shown during the time he was running for the presidency. In other words this man has a lot of energy. Remember when he was running for president of the United States , I used to wonder how he was able to do it and still stay so focused. In other words this man hasn't changed. What is so funny is that the senate and the house and everyone else in government is probably having a hard time keeping up with him. This maybe a little tiring for them. They are used to getting together and probably worrying about major decisions ever so often. Now to my realistic opinion, no other president in my lifetime has ever had to deal with so much at one time. Imagine a house is burning up on one part of town and then another fire starts at another home. Should you only put out one fire, let the other house burn down and everything else around it? The president is just putting out the fires that were neglected and unfortunately there was a lot of neglect. The president isn't doing anymore than his title commands of him. Maybe we aren't used to seeing a very active president in the office since Clinton and Reagan Every time I think about what all this president has to contend with all that I can say is, WOW! Maybe the next time that the president want to get together with the republicans and democrats to talk about decisions he want to make, don't have a meet and greet along with a "why can't we all get along "gathering. Get these politicians on the basketball court and talk politics then. I can guarantee you that they will either be too tired to keep up with him or either they will stand up to the challenge. Either way, I would love to be on the sidelines with my digital camera, popcorn and soda. That would truly be a "Kodak moment".

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Keeping Your Eye On The Prize....Entrepreneurship

Okay, so much for the economic gloom and doom. Now is the time to think about creating your own economic success. Do you know that even during these times, you can actually start your own business. Seriously, this is a great time to start thinking about creating your own wealth. If you already have a business think about ways that you can increase your financial wealth. Let's talk about some of the ways that you can actually start your own business with little money. First of all, you have to start thinking positive. In the past I have read a lot of great motivational books that has been extremely beneficial and thought provoking. In other words, you have to change the way you think about creating wealth. Some great books that I have read were from people such as Napolean Hill, Tony Robbins and others. There is one book in particular that I read and I can't think of the title at this moment, but it was totally awesome. It was about a woman who was literally broke and she had 90 days to become a millionaire. Guess what, she did it! Now, after we have been motivated to make a difference in our lives, then let us now proceed to how we are going to start our own business. I read one book in particular many years ago and the author said that it is a good idea to start several little part time businesses that can generate income for you. Example, we have all heard about Ebay. Take a tour of Ebay, find out as much as you can about it. Go to the Sellers Central area, find out what is selling and what isn't. Ebay has a wealth of information to help someone launch their own business. Look through your house, you probably have items that you could sell on Ebay. Maybe you are able to go to the dollar stores and purchase a couple of things and sell on Ebay. In other words, you can start this business for under $25.00. Another business you could start, create your own website where you can sell your products or services on the internet. This is another business you could start for under $100.00. Have a monthly yard sale, after a while you could even sell items for others at your yard sale, this is also a business you could start for under $100.00. Millionaires have been made through Ebay, and you can definitely generate enough income from the other businesses that would allow you the type of financial freedom that you would like to have, even during these times. Why, because there will always be someone willing to buy what you are selling. If you get a chance go to and explore all of the possibilities. Remember each and every day that you are the navigator as it relates to your financial stability. Isn't it time that you become the CEO of your own finances. Now is the time...try might like it.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

What Does The Chimpanzee Have To Do With The Stimulus Bill

Approximately two weeks ago, an editorial cartoonist for a New York publication depicted a full illustration of a chimpanzee being shot by police officers and the officers stating that basically that was the end of the stimulus bill. If you haven't seen the cartoon, check it out! While you are reviewing this cartoon, just take 10 minutes and write down everything that you see or how does it make you feel when you look at this cartoon illustration. When I first reviewed it, I definitely had mixed feelings, the first being racist. Secondly insensitive and third...stupid! For the past week I have listened to the different cable news media networks talk about this cartoon editorial. One evening I was listening to Lou Dobbs with CNN interviewing Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton gave his views about how this editorial wasn't good and how he felt that the news organization should do a better job as it relates to it's obligation to the community. You could easily tell that they had different viewpoints in how they depicted the cartoon and how to handle the situation as it relates to the news organization. But it was definitely known from both that this wasn't done in "good taste". When an artist creates something, you have to understand his mindset at the time. I would have loved to had the opportunity to ask this artist, "What were you thinking about"? Another question, "What does the chimpanzee have anything to do with the "Stimulus Bill "and "Why did you use police officers in this cartoon"? If you happen to be an african american, you are probably used to the several stereotypes that have been depicted in this illustration. If you happen to be an animal lover, this is definitely not a laughing matter. If you are a police officer, this definitely doesn't show your profession in a good way. I guess that since so many news print organizations are either filing for bankruptcy protection or closing it's doors for good those that are left will every now and then do something to get that "spike" in news stand sales. Should we hold these artists more accountable who happen to be employed by these news organizations or these news organizations as a whole, that allow these types of editorial depictions? Oh, I almost forgot...Freedom of Speech and Freedom Of The Press, these news organizations do have their rights. But I have always truly believed that there is always a price of some sort for freedom. An artists work lives forever, a writers work live forever. That is why it is always important to think about what you are doing before you do it and understand the consequences of the decisions that you make...because it could impact you for a lifetime!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Media ....Let The President Do His Job

Mainstream media....Why Now? I have never in my entire life seen a president go through so much media scrutiny. President Obama has just been in office for only thirty days and the media ( majority of them ) are just having a field day, with every move this president makes. I wouldn't care if the president was a republican...this is just pathetic. Okay, now I will take a deep breath and get back to what is fact and what is perception. Every single day there are media outlets that have dedicated hours scrutinizing the president, even to the stupid point of, " Who will be able to text the president on his blackberry. This isn't media worthy. Then you see these polls and surveys being conducted weekly on the performance of the president. Daily discussions on the different media outlets about the negatives and a little about the positives of the "stimulus package" or the "spending package", just depends on how you want to spin it. Bottom line, the government has always spent money. I wonder what people thought when social security was first administered and so shortly after the depression. President Obama has enough on his desk, this man has the United States of America and the whole world to think about. It amazes me when I hear the different media outlets talk about the "liberal media". Ask any sensible minded person, if they think that the media is being "Fair and Balanced. Speaking of "Fair and Balanced", you may want to read the first post that was published July 2008. President Obama incurred an economical fiasco, he didn't create this, so stop trying to make him pay for something he didn't create. Where was all of this media scrutiny when we started wasting money after we had just come out from a presidency where there was a "surplus". For many years, the media never questioned every dollar and cent that was being spent or wasted. The only other president that was scrutinized often, but definitely not as much was, President Clinton, remember the president, who left us with the "surplus". We didn't hear about the the first round of TARP money that was distributed under the former president's administration on a daily basis. I still don't know how that money was distributed, in fact I know so much about what this president is doing more than any other president's of the past. Personally, I am going to stay focused and positive, and start looking at more family oriented programming. but I would like to send this request to mainstream media.... Dear Mr. and Mrs. Media....Could you please be the bearer of good news, I am pretty sure with as many people we have living in this country, there has to be great and wonderful things happening to someone each and every hour, it would make us all feel so much better. I hope this isn't asking to much of you....Mr. and Mrs. Media, thank you and have a blessed and wonderful day.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

America Are We Facing Another "Great Depression"

Have you heard the news lately? We are in a "Recession", according to some leading economists. I know these highly educated, well written individuals have studied the numbers and have studied the history of how the economic stability of this country has been affected by several key indicators, which in turn allow them to base their "scholarly conclusions". I truly believe that we are already in a "Depression". We just haven't heard the media and the economists say that we are. But I guarantee you that once you hear that dreaded word, then people will begin to say, " We are in a depression". Think about it, politicians are saying that we need to do something immediately as it relates to a "stimulus plan". When I hear the word immediate, that sounds like, if you don't do anything quickly then it is an automatic eminent catastrophe. Ask anyone who has lost their job and home if they think that they are in a "depression" and most likely they will not say, that this is just a minor setback. Anyone that is facing a financial crisis is emotionally depressed. So, I guess the millions of people that are without employment is in a depression. What does it take for economists to say that we are in a depression ? What are the key indicators for which they base their findings? When you hear about the "Great Depression", you often hear about the soup lines, people pawning anything to make an extra dollar, suicides, bankruptcies, foreclosures and more. If, I am not mistaken we have already heard those stories lately. Americans that have lost their jobs, homes and any other financial investments are in a depression, and those that are still employed and don't know the future of their employment and financial situation is in a recession. Another factor to take into consideration, this country is facing a global war on terrorism, global economic crisis and more. The "Great Depression" was quite different, read your history. If you really want to see the state of employment and economy in this country, click on to the U.S. Department of Labor-Bureau of Labor Statistics . Oh, but there is a silver lining in all of this, it is called entrepreneurship and becoming more self sufficient and more responsible in how we spend, invest and save our finances. Haven't we always been told that you can't always depend on someone else to fix "your problems". Whether we are in a depression or a recession, don't allow your self to be overwhelmed in self pity as it relates to your financial situation. Start today and think about how you are going to be the winner at the final end of all of the old saying goes, "This too shall pass".

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Corporate America In Need Of Governement Assistance

August 26, 1996...President Bill Clinton signed the "Welfare Reform Bill", that ended a guarantee on federal aide. The measure imposed a five year limit on benefits, which required individuals that were able to work to find employment. President Clinton's idea was to overhaul the federal welfare system as we knew it. Many titles were given to individuals that were receiving welfare in the past, such as "Welfare Queens ". You also had those individuals that would constantly make racial or insensitive comments anytime they saw or heard anything that related to welfare and who it affected. Does this sound familiar, " I don't like it that my tax paying dollars are taking care of someone that is sitting at home, having all of these children and won't work. "Where are the fathers"? "If I can get out and work, so can they"! Well, guess what......while everyone is watching the " little man", corporations have been receiving government assistance for just as long as these welfare recipients. Under President Clinton's "Welfare Reform Bill", many former welfare recipients were looking for employment and many of these people had a hard time trying to find something that would give them hope. Back then $7.00 an hour on a job was great for those individuals, they accepted it and tried to hold their head up. Have you ever actually spoken with someone that was caught up in the welfare system. I knew of an older married couple and their two children in the early 1980's that was spending over $400.00 a month to live in the housing projects. I asked one day, why were they paying so much for rent , they told me the reason being was that both of their incomes equated to them paying higher rent. Then my next question was, "Why don't you'll try to move into an apartment?" They stated,"Because we don't make enough to qualify for an apartment". All I could do was shake my head in disbelief. In the meantime companies have been receiving government grants and all types of federal funding. This corporate bailout isn't anything new. Think about it, even the private educational institutions receive some type of federal assistance, many major companies that move into a city or state receive some type of "stimulus package". Companies are given incentives all the time. It appears that some of these companies have their hands out too! Why do you think corporate america have lobbyists? On a positive note, if it wasn't for a lot of these companies, a lot of people would not be employed. Corporate America has been great for millions of Americans. September 2008, President Bush signed a bill to release $350 billion (TARP) to help failing companies. I agree, if we had not tried to help these companies, more people would have been standing in the unemployment line. Just the same way that many individuals abused the welfare system, their has also been many companies that have abused not only the tax payers dollars, but also the shareholders and employees of those companies. When Enron failed, we should have been taking a closer look at how companies were being managed or mismanaged. Just like many individuals had to get out and be responsible under President Clinton's " Welfare Reform Bill". Maybe our government should pass the "Corporate Welfare Reform Bill" !

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Do You Have A "Stimulus Package"..What About Your Future

Okay, the House passed the President's $819 billion stimulus plan, with no Republican support. We have heard from the Republican party as well as some Democrats that their is a lot of "pork" in this stimulus package to jump start the economy. The bill sounds and looks impressive until, I had a chance to review the "Housing Area". The question I want to know is why isn't there more. Why don't we take about a couple of million out of each of these areas and help the homebuyers that are in distress now. If I am not mistaken, the housing market was a "cancer" that spreaded to other areas. This economy is in shambles. It appears that the every day American really don't know if they will have a job, keep their home or small business, family or be able to afford health care. Ask yourself this you feel secure in your job? Do you think that your small business will be able to succeed in another year? Statistics have proven that a lot of businesses fail within the three to five year period during a start up. Honestly, we truly can not blame the government totally for our problems. So many people are so quick to blame the government for everything. The government are individuals just like we are. They have wasted money and so have we. How many times have you heard the expression " Buying steaks with hamburger money". The problem is that we as Americans waste too much money on things we don't need. Example, you are late on your bill, but you would rather buy a carton of cigarettes than to pay your bill. Many years ago I read a book talking about how little Americans save. We are so focused on appearing as if we "have it all" and many of us hardly have $100.00 in our savings or checking account. If you talk to someone who has been through the depression, you can learn a lot from them. Do you see them being as worried. It is a sad day, during these times that we are living from paycheck to paycheck. Now we hear about consumer confidence is low. Consumers aren't buying enough to keep the economy going. What has happened that we have been so "happy go lucky" in our spending for such a long time Retailers and other businesses have depended on our spending habits. True, there has been a lot of corporate greed And let's not talk about how the government has spent the tax payers dollars. The bottom line, many hard working Americans didn't ask for these economic times. Suggestion....Start saving more if you can. Pay close attention to what bills are being passed. Be more responsible in your future and last but not least create your own "Stimulus Package".

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Inauguration Of President Barack Obama....The Man and The Message

Millions of people from all over the world had the chance to view the inauguration of our 44th president, Barack Obama. It wasn't only historical as it related to him being the first African American to be elected as the Commander In Chief . This inauguration was also historical for the over one million plus that attended and millions from around the world that watched from their own television sets or listened on the radio. We were all able to take something from this momentous moment in history. For many people, it was about race. Race from the standpoint...yes he is a man that is of Kenyan and European descent and people just wanted to be able to say that they were there or to say that they remember when this country elected a man that is an African American. But beyond that, there was a deeper message. "Yes, we can overcome", as a nation as it relates to race relations. "Yes, we can overcome", as it relates to the problems that our country is having to deal with economically. "Yes, we can overcome", as it relates to world peace. President Barack Obamas' speech, implied that he would do everything within his power to make a difference, but he also let our nation and the world know, that he can't do this all by himself. Let us not forget that the President can't undo what took years to do overnight or even in a year. But if we all pull together rich or poor, black or white, christians or non christians, we can make a difference. Ask yourself what can you do to make a difference in our everyday lives and the lives of others. We are the "commander in chief" of our own actions. As President John Kennedy stated basically, " Ask not what your country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your country". President Obamas' speech echoed some of the same ideas. So take from this inauguration a new sense of how it relates to you and remember..."Yes,we can and we shall overcome ".

Sunday, January 18, 2009

" I Have A Dream" Speech..The Impact Then and Now

August 28th, 1968...Dr.Martin Luther King delivered one of the most powerful speeches in modern day history, from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during the, " March On Washington", for jobs and freedom. This was a defining moment in the civil rights movement. He spoke of his desire for a future that would overcome the injustices that were being done in this great country of ours and spoke of the importance of togetherness for all mankind. He appealed to our human conscious and spoke those powerful words that would still today make a strong impact on what we can do together, only if we stand together as mankind. In his mind all things were and are possible if we just try. If you have approximately 18 minutes, I strongly suggest that you go to In the past I have listened to bits and pieces of this great speech, but never in it's entirety. Upon viewing the video as well as listening to the audio, I couldn't help to see the many diverse races of people that were there on that day. Within one minute of viewing, it not only humbled me, but also brought tears to my eyes. Not only because of the struggles of the past, but also to see how far as a nation that we have come. Let us not forget the 250,00 people that attended that historical event, many of them sacrificed their lives according to their beliefs, black and white. On November 4, 2008, this nation elected Barack Obama as the president of the United States. Dr.Martin Luther King and the believers of equality for all mankind knew that this would eventually happen. And those that were part of the struggle probably never would have thought that this would happen in their lifetime, but it did. And just as we saw the diversity of people that were active during the movement of the 60's, we also saw that same diversity during this election for president elect Barack Obama. Americans came together and reached deep down in their souls and remembered that it was time for "change" and understood the importance of " United We Stand, Divided We Fall". We haven't won the battle completely, and we still have more work that needs to be done, but we have made a major impact and we have shown the world that in America, all things are possible. January 19, 2009, we will be honoring Dr. Martin Luther Kings' birthday. If you have the time please listen to his speech and ask yourself what this speech meant to you and what you can personally do to make this country a greater nation.