Sunday, March 29, 2009

Women Stop Abusing Yourself...Learn To Love Yourself

It is really sad to see the number of women that have fallen prey to abusive relationships, whether it is physical or emotional. I received an email from a young lady the other day, asking me to talk about this subject. I replied back and told her that I would. Without getting into a lot of the details about the email, I will tell you a little about what she has been going through. This young lady is in her early 30's and has a successful career. She was married for a brief time due only to the fact that she was in a physically abusive relationship. She stated that when she met her husband he was the kindest man you could ever be around. He was caring and supportive, always motivating her to be the best that she could be. He would send her roses on Valentine's Day, birthday or whenever. Then one day, she started noticing a change in his attitude. At first she thought maybe he was going through a stressful time on his job. Then he started to come home later than usual and then it proceeded to staying out until two and sometime three in the morning. Her second thought was maybe he was having an affair. She said after she had taken as much as she could take, she decided to ask him if he was having an affair. When she asked him, he told her that he wasn't and that he just had a lot on his mind. When she tried to talk to him about what was going on he then told her that what he was going through was his business and it wasn't anything that she could do about it. Well as the story went on he didn't change in fact it got worse. He would belittle her, playing the mind games and on and on, to the point that he became physically abusive. The problem for her was that she was still mentally stuck on the man that appeared to be the caring, loving and supportive man that she married. She began to blame herself, trying to always analyze which personality would present itself on a daily basis. Luckily, she finally sought help and start believing that there is a way out of this see saw of a marriage. Fortunate for her, but unfortunate for a lot of women that are killed daily only because they didn't love themselves enough. Women, if you are in a relationship that you are being abused...please learn to love yourself. Because if your husband or companion really loves you he wouldn't ever want to hurt you. He would still be the loving and respectful man that he should be. Always remember....Love isn't physically or emotionally abusive and it doesn't hurt.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Is President Obama Doing Too Much...Too Fast...Not Really!

Wow, the critics are at it again! The media and the politicians are now stating that President Obama is doing too much during his first 100 days. The skeptics believe that President Obama should just focus on one thing at a time and not try to make a lot of key decisions at this present moment. At first, I must say that I did think the President was moving on too many key issues a little too fast. Then I started to really think about what this president was up against. I also had a pretty "comical" view of the situation and also a realistic opinion of how and why this president was "moving at the speed of lightning". So let's begin with the comical view. First of all the president is a highly intelligent young man, who understands constitutional law, walks around with a blackberry, plays basketball and is able to multi-task as was shown during the time he was running for the presidency. In other words this man has a lot of energy. Remember when he was running for president of the United States , I used to wonder how he was able to do it and still stay so focused. In other words this man hasn't changed. What is so funny is that the senate and the house and everyone else in government is probably having a hard time keeping up with him. This maybe a little tiring for them. They are used to getting together and probably worrying about major decisions ever so often. Now to my realistic opinion, no other president in my lifetime has ever had to deal with so much at one time. Imagine a house is burning up on one part of town and then another fire starts at another home. Should you only put out one fire, let the other house burn down and everything else around it? The president is just putting out the fires that were neglected and unfortunately there was a lot of neglect. The president isn't doing anymore than his title commands of him. Maybe we aren't used to seeing a very active president in the office since Clinton and Reagan Every time I think about what all this president has to contend with all that I can say is, WOW! Maybe the next time that the president want to get together with the republicans and democrats to talk about decisions he want to make, don't have a meet and greet along with a "why can't we all get along "gathering. Get these politicians on the basketball court and talk politics then. I can guarantee you that they will either be too tired to keep up with him or either they will stand up to the challenge. Either way, I would love to be on the sidelines with my digital camera, popcorn and soda. That would truly be a "Kodak moment".

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Keeping Your Eye On The Prize....Entrepreneurship

Okay, so much for the economic gloom and doom. Now is the time to think about creating your own economic success. Do you know that even during these times, you can actually start your own business. Seriously, this is a great time to start thinking about creating your own wealth. If you already have a business think about ways that you can increase your financial wealth. Let's talk about some of the ways that you can actually start your own business with little money. First of all, you have to start thinking positive. In the past I have read a lot of great motivational books that has been extremely beneficial and thought provoking. In other words, you have to change the way you think about creating wealth. Some great books that I have read were from people such as Napolean Hill, Tony Robbins and others. There is one book in particular that I read and I can't think of the title at this moment, but it was totally awesome. It was about a woman who was literally broke and she had 90 days to become a millionaire. Guess what, she did it! Now, after we have been motivated to make a difference in our lives, then let us now proceed to how we are going to start our own business. I read one book in particular many years ago and the author said that it is a good idea to start several little part time businesses that can generate income for you. Example, we have all heard about Ebay. Take a tour of Ebay, find out as much as you can about it. Go to the Sellers Central area, find out what is selling and what isn't. Ebay has a wealth of information to help someone launch their own business. Look through your house, you probably have items that you could sell on Ebay. Maybe you are able to go to the dollar stores and purchase a couple of things and sell on Ebay. In other words, you can start this business for under $25.00. Another business you could start, create your own website where you can sell your products or services on the internet. This is another business you could start for under $100.00. Have a monthly yard sale, after a while you could even sell items for others at your yard sale, this is also a business you could start for under $100.00. Millionaires have been made through Ebay, and you can definitely generate enough income from the other businesses that would allow you the type of financial freedom that you would like to have, even during these times. Why, because there will always be someone willing to buy what you are selling. If you get a chance go to and explore all of the possibilities. Remember each and every day that you are the navigator as it relates to your financial stability. Isn't it time that you become the CEO of your own finances. Now is the time...try might like it.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

What Does The Chimpanzee Have To Do With The Stimulus Bill

Approximately two weeks ago, an editorial cartoonist for a New York publication depicted a full illustration of a chimpanzee being shot by police officers and the officers stating that basically that was the end of the stimulus bill. If you haven't seen the cartoon, check it out! While you are reviewing this cartoon, just take 10 minutes and write down everything that you see or how does it make you feel when you look at this cartoon illustration. When I first reviewed it, I definitely had mixed feelings, the first being racist. Secondly insensitive and third...stupid! For the past week I have listened to the different cable news media networks talk about this cartoon editorial. One evening I was listening to Lou Dobbs with CNN interviewing Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton gave his views about how this editorial wasn't good and how he felt that the news organization should do a better job as it relates to it's obligation to the community. You could easily tell that they had different viewpoints in how they depicted the cartoon and how to handle the situation as it relates to the news organization. But it was definitely known from both that this wasn't done in "good taste". When an artist creates something, you have to understand his mindset at the time. I would have loved to had the opportunity to ask this artist, "What were you thinking about"? Another question, "What does the chimpanzee have anything to do with the "Stimulus Bill "and "Why did you use police officers in this cartoon"? If you happen to be an african american, you are probably used to the several stereotypes that have been depicted in this illustration. If you happen to be an animal lover, this is definitely not a laughing matter. If you are a police officer, this definitely doesn't show your profession in a good way. I guess that since so many news print organizations are either filing for bankruptcy protection or closing it's doors for good those that are left will every now and then do something to get that "spike" in news stand sales. Should we hold these artists more accountable who happen to be employed by these news organizations or these news organizations as a whole, that allow these types of editorial depictions? Oh, I almost forgot...Freedom of Speech and Freedom Of The Press, these news organizations do have their rights. But I have always truly believed that there is always a price of some sort for freedom. An artists work lives forever, a writers work live forever. That is why it is always important to think about what you are doing before you do it and understand the consequences of the decisions that you make...because it could impact you for a lifetime!