Sunday, March 15, 2009

Is President Obama Doing Too Much...Too Fast...Not Really!

Wow, the critics are at it again! The media and the politicians are now stating that President Obama is doing too much during his first 100 days. The skeptics believe that President Obama should just focus on one thing at a time and not try to make a lot of key decisions at this present moment. At first, I must say that I did think the President was moving on too many key issues a little too fast. Then I started to really think about what this president was up against. I also had a pretty "comical" view of the situation and also a realistic opinion of how and why this president was "moving at the speed of lightning". So let's begin with the comical view. First of all the president is a highly intelligent young man, who understands constitutional law, walks around with a blackberry, plays basketball and is able to multi-task as was shown during the time he was running for the presidency. In other words this man has a lot of energy. Remember when he was running for president of the United States , I used to wonder how he was able to do it and still stay so focused. In other words this man hasn't changed. What is so funny is that the senate and the house and everyone else in government is probably having a hard time keeping up with him. This maybe a little tiring for them. They are used to getting together and probably worrying about major decisions ever so often. Now to my realistic opinion, no other president in my lifetime has ever had to deal with so much at one time. Imagine a house is burning up on one part of town and then another fire starts at another home. Should you only put out one fire, let the other house burn down and everything else around it? The president is just putting out the fires that were neglected and unfortunately there was a lot of neglect. The president isn't doing anymore than his title commands of him. Maybe we aren't used to seeing a very active president in the office since Clinton and Reagan Every time I think about what all this president has to contend with all that I can say is, WOW! Maybe the next time that the president want to get together with the republicans and democrats to talk about decisions he want to make, don't have a meet and greet along with a "why can't we all get along "gathering. Get these politicians on the basketball court and talk politics then. I can guarantee you that they will either be too tired to keep up with him or either they will stand up to the challenge. Either way, I would love to be on the sidelines with my digital camera, popcorn and soda. That would truly be a "Kodak moment".

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