Sunday, August 2, 2009

Warning! Read The Label On Your Prescription Medications

Sad to say, Michael Jackson's death has prompted a lot of questions about the type of medications that we are taking on a daily basis. How many times have you heard someone say to you that they know someone that is taking at least 10 different "prescribed" medications per day? Before my uncle passed away last year, I remember him telling me that he was taking at least 40 pills per day. I couldn't believe it! Could someone tell me how in the world can someone take so much medication and expect to get better. Anyone taking that much medication is a " walking pharmacy". Okay, you have the pharmaceutical companies that produce thousands of different medications that are supposedly be able to treat the problem , who in turn market these medications to the physicians and also to the pharmacists. First of all, I am not saying that the pharmaceutical companies are doing anything wrong. I am just saying that your physician is the one that prescribes the medications that he or she feel may be of benefit to you. Let me give you a brief scenario.....Have you ever been to a physician and was told that you had one ailment and then you decided to get a second opinion only to find out that it was something totally different. What if you didn't get a second opinion and you were taking the "prescribed " medications for an ailment that didn't exist. I wonder how many people are taking medications that they may not need. I am not a physician of course, nor am I a pharmacist or a representative for a pharmaceutical company. But I do believe that all parties involved including ourselves have a responsibility in making sure that we all do what is right for our well being. Of course it is believed that Michael Jackson died from prescription medication. But what health care provider in his or her right mind, would practice unethical procedures to put someone to sleep. There are many alternatives to treat sleep deprivation. Suggestion to everyone that take any form of prescription to your your pharmacists...tell them about all of the medications that has been prescribed for you to take...find about any side effects of the medications...or do some research yourself via the internet. Take responsibility for your health..... read the label and ask questions. An ounce of prevention could save your life!

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