Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Media ....Let The President Do His Job

Mainstream media....Why Now? I have never in my entire life seen a president go through so much media scrutiny. President Obama has just been in office for only thirty days and the media ( majority of them ) are just having a field day, with every move this president makes. I wouldn't care if the president was a republican...this is just pathetic. Okay, now I will take a deep breath and get back to what is fact and what is perception. Every single day there are media outlets that have dedicated hours scrutinizing the president, even to the stupid point of, " Who will be able to text the president on his blackberry. This isn't media worthy. Then you see these polls and surveys being conducted weekly on the performance of the president. Daily discussions on the different media outlets about the negatives and a little about the positives of the "stimulus package" or the "spending package", just depends on how you want to spin it. Bottom line, the government has always spent money. I wonder what people thought when social security was first administered and so shortly after the depression. President Obama has enough on his desk, this man has the United States of America and the whole world to think about. It amazes me when I hear the different media outlets talk about the "liberal media". Ask any sensible minded person, if they think that the media is being "Fair and Balanced. Speaking of "Fair and Balanced", you may want to read the first post that was published July 2008. President Obama incurred an economical fiasco, he didn't create this, so stop trying to make him pay for something he didn't create. Where was all of this media scrutiny when we started wasting money after we had just come out from a presidency where there was a "surplus". For many years, the media never questioned every dollar and cent that was being spent or wasted. The only other president that was scrutinized often, but definitely not as much was, President Clinton, remember the president, who left us with the "surplus". We didn't hear about the the first round of TARP money that was distributed under the former president's administration on a daily basis. I still don't know how that money was distributed, in fact I know so much about what this president is doing more than any other president's of the past. Personally, I am going to stay focused and positive, and start looking at more family oriented programming. but I would like to send this request to mainstream media.... Dear Mr. and Mrs. Media....Could you please be the bearer of good news, I am pretty sure with as many people we have living in this country, there has to be great and wonderful things happening to someone each and every hour, it would make us all feel so much better. I hope this isn't asking to much of you....Mr. and Mrs. Media, thank you and have a blessed and wonderful day.

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