Sunday, February 1, 2009

Do You Have A "Stimulus Package"..What About Your Future

Okay, the House passed the President's $819 billion stimulus plan, with no Republican support. We have heard from the Republican party as well as some Democrats that their is a lot of "pork" in this stimulus package to jump start the economy. The bill sounds and looks impressive until, I had a chance to review the "Housing Area". The question I want to know is why isn't there more. Why don't we take about a couple of million out of each of these areas and help the homebuyers that are in distress now. If I am not mistaken, the housing market was a "cancer" that spreaded to other areas. This economy is in shambles. It appears that the every day American really don't know if they will have a job, keep their home or small business, family or be able to afford health care. Ask yourself this you feel secure in your job? Do you think that your small business will be able to succeed in another year? Statistics have proven that a lot of businesses fail within the three to five year period during a start up. Honestly, we truly can not blame the government totally for our problems. So many people are so quick to blame the government for everything. The government are individuals just like we are. They have wasted money and so have we. How many times have you heard the expression " Buying steaks with hamburger money". The problem is that we as Americans waste too much money on things we don't need. Example, you are late on your bill, but you would rather buy a carton of cigarettes than to pay your bill. Many years ago I read a book talking about how little Americans save. We are so focused on appearing as if we "have it all" and many of us hardly have $100.00 in our savings or checking account. If you talk to someone who has been through the depression, you can learn a lot from them. Do you see them being as worried. It is a sad day, during these times that we are living from paycheck to paycheck. Now we hear about consumer confidence is low. Consumers aren't buying enough to keep the economy going. What has happened that we have been so "happy go lucky" in our spending for such a long time Retailers and other businesses have depended on our spending habits. True, there has been a lot of corporate greed And let's not talk about how the government has spent the tax payers dollars. The bottom line, many hard working Americans didn't ask for these economic times. Suggestion....Start saving more if you can. Pay close attention to what bills are being passed. Be more responsible in your future and last but not least create your own "Stimulus Package".

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